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Give Value.

When you get value by listening to Based on a True Story,
now you can give value back to support the show.

Monetary value

Monthly subscription

Producer Access is a monthly subscription that gives you ad-free episodes.

One-time donation

Important: Producer Access is the only way to get access to ad-free episodes.

Value4Value with Podcasting 2.0

Based on a True Story supports Value4Value payments using Podcasting 2.0 appsIf you’ve read this far, thank you! Include a shipping address in your donation and we’ll be happy to send along some stickers!

Other ways to give value

Not all value comes in the form of money. Here are some ways you can help support the show for free!

Share the podcast


Offer help

We’re always on the lookout for creatives to can volunteer some of their talents to help make the show better. Maybe you have an idea for artwork. Maybe you can help grow the podcast’s listener communities. If you’d love to donate some of your time to help give value back to the show, we’d love to hear about it!


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