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At Based on a True Story, we believe your privacy is important. This is a list of the plugins used on this website that collects and store information that you volunteer to provide.


Super Socializer

The Super Socializer plugin lets you share episodes quickly and comment using social platforms like Facebook. This plugin is GDPR compliant, and you can read more about the information it collects here:


Atlassian Jira Issue Collector

The “Request Episode” tab on the right side of the page is an issue collector using Atlassian Jira. That’s the tool I use for managing the production of the podcast, and by requesting an episode you’re creating a new issue for my backlog. You can read more about how the issue collector works here.

Since issues collected get sent to Atlassian’s website, you can read more about Atlassian’s commitment to GDPR compliance and read their full privacy policy here:


Google Analytics

On the back end, I use Google Analytics to track pageviews along with Google ads. This includes some data from your computer, like location (based on IP), browser, etc.

I use this information to improve the site’s search optimization, but if you want to block this information, it won’t hurt your browsing experience at all. I’d recommend using a tracker blocker like Ghostery.

You can learn more about Google’s privacy policy for data collected by Google Analytics and its GDPR compliance here:


Questions? Concerns?

None of the information gathered by this website will be used for any purpose other than for the podcast. I will not sell it or share it with anyone else. If at any time you’re concerned with the data collected by this website, please let me know and I’d be happy to make sure anything you’ve submitted gets deleted. Thank you!

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