196: Moneyball with Will Cooper

2011 movie Moneyball

Moneyball tells the story of sabermetrics and the Oakland Athletics’ 2002 season and joining us to separate fact from fiction is attorney Will Cooper, who worked in the A’s clubhouse during the timeline of the movie. Did you enjoy this episode? Help support the next one! Buy me a coffee Transcript Note: This transcript is automatically […]

36: The Big Short

The Big Short is the first film of director Adam McKay’s to not star the comedian Will Ferrell in it. Instead, it had Michael Scott from The Office, funny man Steve Carell. And while The Big Short had plenty of funny moments thrown in, does that mean the filmmakers sacrificed accuracy for humor? Let’s dive […]

25: The Wolf of Wall Street

The latest in the line of collaborations between actor Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese is 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street. It received positive reviews, and also held the honor of topping the most-pirated films list of 2014. That’s according to copyright tracking firm Excipio, which puts out a list of the most pirated […]